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Software Asset Management

The Most Dangerous
Things You Should Know About Cracked Copies

Lack of software asset management, and reliance on unlicensed software, is having huge security impacts around the globe, especially in countries with high rates of unlicensed software.


“Dealing with a cyber-attack and its
aftermath can now cost a company more than $10,000 per infected computer — costing the company orders of magnitude more than what it would cost to obtain licensed versions of the software, and far more than the cost of the computer itself.”


Malwares Impact

IDC estimates that organizations that obtain or install an unlicensed software package or buy a computer with unlicensed software on it face a one-in-three chance of encountering malware (29%).



Too many CIOs are not controlling their network, and underestimate significantly how much unauthorized software has been deployed.


Negative Effects

CIOs top concerns from these unlicensed malware threats include the loss of corporate or personal data, system downtime, network outages, and the cost of disinfecting systems.


Unsafe Assets

26% of employees admitted installing outside software on work computers, and of those, 84% acknowledged installing two or more unauthorized programs.


Source: IDC & BSS GBA

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Thanks to profound multi-step Verification Processes designed over the years, the stocks you will deliver to your customers will be free from invalid keys.
Complaints will not be your business anymore, saving time and boosting your revenue!

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We are proud to be offering you a rich and wide catalogue of software products. You can also choose between Refurbished or Brand New Licenses, depending on how much you want to spend

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Specialised Support Agents are available to assist you around-the-clock: on the weekends, at night and on holiday we will be there to serve you, and so your clients.
Anything you may encounter, we got you covered

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Whether you are a SMB or a Corporation, a dedicated Account Manager 👨‍🎓
will be assigned to you: he will study your needs and will provide you with a free quotation whenever you need during the day


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At NextKeys®​, we are focused on creating a solid relationship with you. We are aware of almost every issue you may face during your business, therefore we work to prevent them. That's why we first set the value by adopting the highest standards only; then, we define a price proportioned with the market demand. Try not only looking for the lowest price, and you will be amazed by the positive results you will achieve.

Organizations taking proactive steps are finding that a 20 percent increase in software compliance can improve a company’s profits by 11 percent — a boost of more than half a million dollars for the average-sized company in the survey.

Source: GSS BSA

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