Who we are

Our Story

NextKeys was founded in 2016 in Europe by a team of talented IT experts with the aim of distributing legitimate software licenses at an affordable price. The market was, and still is, saturated with small resellers who are ill-prepared to distribute these products, which require specific market knowledge.

Trust industry experts like us and overlook listings from impromptu sellers.

At NextKeys, we provide you with 8 years of experience gained through close collaboration with suppliers, official distributors, clients, and professional studios worldwide. We have developed exclusive Quality Assurance processes to thoroughly verify the received goods before putting them up for sale, ensuring authentic and valid products.

We also place great emphasis on excellent post-sales service. Our team is at your disposal for as long as necessary to guide you through activation, installation, or troubleshooting for each individual case until complete resolution and satisfaction.

NextKeys is also a Super Seller on major global marketplaces such as Kinguin.net and G2A.com, with whom we have been collaborating since 2016, and we have achieved a Customer Satisfaction rating of 99.8%.