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Our statement about the war in Ukraine

Our statement about the war in Ukraine

Dear NextKeys Customers,

Our team has been closely watching the situation in Ukraine.

In addition to countless war crimes, Russian forces are destroying civilian buildings and forcing millions of people to flee their own homes.

As a private company operating in the EU, we cannot stand by and watch.
We are joining countless businesses in a collective effort to stop these atrocities and make Russian society aware of the crimes perpetrated by their government.

As of today, NextKeys has donated more than 10.000 EUR to the Humanitarian Fund for Ukrainians and the Ukrainian army through the channels enabled by the National Bank of Ukraine.

In addition to that, we decided to apply the following measures:

  • stopped selling our products to both Russian and Bielorussian based individuals and companies (any company established in these countries and any individual who resides in the countries above)
  • enabled our customer representatives to deny services to any person or business listed under the EU's sanction list
  • reassured our customers that NextKeys' supply chain doesn't involve any Russian business or Russian bank. We are entirely based in the EU and we will always be.

We are going to keep providing our services to Russian and Bielorussian people who moved abroad and, for a reason or another, chose freedom, to chase new opportunities and a new life

Together we will win against evil for a better world.

Слава Україні
Head of operations @ NextKeys
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