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Do cheap Windows 11 Product Key work?

Do cheap Windows 11 Product Key work?

If you are building a new pc from scratch you might be wondering where to find a valid activation key for shiny new PC, for a cheap price. A cheap windows 11 key will help you to overcome this problem.

Windows 11 Keys, especially the Pro ones, are expensive and not for everyone’s pockets, but NextKeys has got you covered.

We provide Windows keys from refurbished channels, for a more affordable price.

What is a Windows 11 license, and what is it for?

A Windows 11 product key is a number that certifies the user's purchase of the operating system. Unlike other rivals, such as Linux or macOS, in Windows, it is necessary to pay for its use. Microsoft has historically used the form to confirm the purchase has been the license. The license number serves, mainly, to activate Windows 11 and use the OS at its fullest potential. 

Buying a cheap license of Windows 11

Suppose you wonder why there are cheap Windows 11 licenses for less than 15 dollars. In that case, it is because they are what could be called business licenses or that it is united to hardware. Therefore, you can only use them on one computer, contrary to those that cost more than 100 dollars that you can find on shop’s shelves.

Whether you want to buy Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro, the prices are similar. At NextKeys, we recommend purchasing the Pro version. This version is not just meant for professional users as it sports a bunch of additional features and a long term support. Microsoft is committed to improving its OSes so we expect the PRO version to be further improved in the near future.

Don’t be left behind. Go for most complete edition.

Is it reliable to buy only the Windows key?

Unlike other small dealers, NextKeys’ products are thoroughly checked with in-house developed QA checks.

Our website is SSL protected and we do not store nor handle any credit card information.

Installing Windows 11 Pro

If you have just bought a Windows 11 Pro license, you probably have doubts about installing it. However, the installations are simple, so you will not have significant inconveniences.

Once you have finished installing, you will have Windows 11 Home, or Pro activated forever on that PC.

We recommend to rely only on Microsoft official ISOs of Windows 11 Pro (or the version that you want) from the official page of Microsoft.

In case of any doubt, we can assist you with the download and installation.

Just fire us an email and we’ll be happy to assist you!

How to know if my Windows 11 license is activated and how to change it?

You can check if your Windows 11 is activated by visiting settings, accessing the License section, and clicking on About. There, click on the section Product key and activation. If you wish to change the activated license, you must go through the following steps:

  • In the next window, check whether the system is activated or not. You will see it in the Activation Status section.
  • If you click on the drop-down in this same section, you will see more details. If you want to change the Windows 11 license, use the Change button.
  • In the text box of the pop-up window, copy the new license, and that's it.

If you are ready to buy at a cheaper price a Windows 11 license, do not wait any longer and contact NextKeys. Our support will give you the necessary instructions to upgrade your Windows without spending a lot of money or having to download it by other means.

Go legit, Go NextKeys!

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